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24-10-2013 : MICC 2014 - Call for applications

From May 3rd to May 10th, 2014 the second edition of MICC World will take place in the International Youth Meeting Centre and Memorial Site Krzyżowa in Poland. MICC World www.model-icc.org brings together high school students from Argentina, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Uganda, South Africa, and Vietnam.

Just after the World War II which ended in 1945, many countries decided to gather to find a solution to settle a sustainable peace, so that such an horrifying war could never happen anymore. They wrote a text called the Rome Statute. This was the very basis of International Criminal law. Fifty years later, in 2002, the International Criminal Court was created.

The students will actively take part in a trial as a member of the Judges Team, the Prosecutor Team, the Defense Team or the Press Team. The trials are based on real cases before international criminal tribunals. The subject content of the simulations are final pleadings of these historic cases, namely the Nuremberg Tribunal, the ICTY and the ICTR. In that context students get to know more about the background of the conflicts, learn who was responsible, but also learn that a fair trial is the basis for sustainable justice and for sustainable peace.

After being admitted to the program, participants are placed in multinational teams. Before coming to Krzyżowa, they get to know each other via e-mail and online-forums already. During their stay in Krzyżowa, the programme is accompanied by legal and rhetorical training sessions and a series of workshops, along with includes discussions with contemporary witnesses. The workshops and the training sessions are about both international law and the historic background of the cases. In their teams, the participants receive  trainings to learn about their roles and learn how to adequately argue and debate their roles and cases during the simulation.
To this end, MICC does not merely spread knowledge of International law Education, but multiplies its work across the represented nations through the agency of its immediate beneficiaries.

It would be the occasion to meet a lot of interesting people from different countries and different backgrounds. The students will represent Vietnam in this intercultural meeting which promote exchange between young people from all around the world. The project fosters intercultural dialogue and understanding.

MICC Partners:

Centro Ana Frank Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vietnam and Friends, Hanoi, Vietnam

International Association for Intercultural Education, Den Haag, Netherlands

Rhodes University Law Clinic, Grahamstown, South Africa

Associação Internacional Intercultural Projects and Research, Porto, Portugal

African Youth Initiative Network, Lira, Uganda

Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding, Grodziszcze, Poland

Kreisau-Initiative e.V., Berlin, Germany

- High-school student
- 14 - 19 years old
- Good English
- Good social knowledge

Recruitment Process:

First step:
The candidates send a CV and a motivation letter (in English) to xinchao.vaf@gmail.com with the subject: [MICC]_CV_[Candidate's fullname] before 6.00 P.M. 25th November.
The result of this round will be announced on 1st December.

Second step:
Candidates who passed the first round send an essay on a specific topic to xinchao.vaf@gmail.com with the subject [MICC]_Essay_[Candidate's fullname] before 6.00 P.M. 7th December. The topic of the essay will be informed along with first round's result.
The result of this round will be announced on 9th December.

Third step:
If the profile is interesting and suitable, we will contact the candidate to attend an interview which will take place between 10th December and 15th December.
The result will be announced on 15th December.

Shortlisted candidates will be trained before going to MICC World in May 2014. Training sessions will take place from Febuary 2014 to April 2014.

Supports :
- Flight 
- Food 
- Accommodation 
- Insurance 

Other fees (not fixed yet):
- Participation fee:
- Visa fee

Contact us:
- Website: www.vietnamandfriends.org
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/vietnamandfriends
- Email: xinchao.vaf@gmail.com
- Address : 399/65E Au Co Street, Tay Ho, 124020 Hanoi.
- Tel : + 84(0)9 04 69 36 96