“Chạy với tôi – 2gether” is not an ordinary sport event. In this event, the visually impaired and other disabled people would run together for the first time on the “light” track to eradicate all prejudices and insecurities inhibiting them from living a full life.

Also, at “Chạy với tôi – 2gether”, the boiling aspiration for an undivided community is signified by the yellow string connecting each pair of sighted and visually impaired runners.

Organized for the first time by Vietnam and Friends, a Vietnamese NGO, in 2016, “Chạy với tôi – 2gether” was considered an influential event, as it attracted approximately 650 participants, including around 200 visually impaired runners and 400 sighted runners (both lead and individual runners).

This year, “Chạy với tôi – 2gether” is expected to become an intriguing weekend event for sport enthusiasts, as well as those who want to gain an insight into the life of the disabled, share their excitement and understand their disadvantages.

  • DATE AND TIME: 7 am - 10:30 am, Sunday, 03/12/2017
  • LOCATION: Hoan Kiem lake and Ly Thai To park, Hanoi.


1) Running
Participants of “Chạy với tôi – 2gether” 2017 can select 1 out of 2 running distances namely 1.7 km and 3.4 km (1 or 2 rounds around the lake respectively)

You may register as an individual runner or a lead runner in a pair of you and a visually impaired runner. Being the lead runner, you and your partner would be companion over the course of this phase. Essential instructions would be provided before the day of the event.

2) Experience corner:

Besides running, “Chạy với tôi – 2gether” also offer the “Experience corner”, in which participants can enjoy such activities as playing chess with the blind, learning Braille and navigation skills using canes, see the world around through visually impaired people’s eyes. These activities would give you more insights into blind people’s life as well as difficulties they encounter as visually impaired people.


This event is for people whose age is 18 and above on the day of the event, currently living/ working in Hanoi. In the case of children under 18 years old, there must be permission from parents or conservators to participate in this event.

To register, fill in this online registration form

A running kit which costs 185.000 VND is available for all participants. This kit consists of:

  • 01 T-shirt
  • 01 drawstring bag
  • 02 souvenirs for you and another visually impaired participant

By buying the running kit, you are contributing to this non-profit community event, and offer a gift for one visually impaired participant.

REGISTER DEADLINE: 15/11/2017 (For those who wish to purchase the running kit, registration is only accepted before 31/10/2017.)

For further information about VAF and “Chạy với tôi – 2gether”, kindly send us an email to 2gether@vietnamandfriends.org or contact us via Vietnam and Friends’ Facebook fanpage