MICC : Model International Criminal Court 




The MICC project is a simulation of trials by the International Criminal Court (ICC) performed by students.


The International Criminal Court, based in La Haye, was funded by the Rome Statute entered into force in 2002. This first international Court was conceived to end crimes’ authors’ impunity, which affects the whole international community.


It aims to protect Human Rights and rules in wartime (jus in bello). That is the reason why the ICC has been in charge of particularly sensible cases such as the ones about ex-Yugoslavia and Rwanda, and why it has ensured Nuremberg Tribunal after the Second World War.


For further information, please visit the International Criminal Court website at: https://www.icc-cpi.int. 


The simulation of ICC trials project was led by Kreisau-Initiative e.V. in Germany and the Krzyzowa foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe in Poland. The project concerns to high-school and university students, in order to develop their awareness of Human Rights.


The selected students for MICC have the privilege of attending trainings besides professionals, participating in debates and workshops to replay History. The students replace the main actors during the final sessions of these famous trials.


The students are able to get deep knowledge about these fundamental historical cases to assume their roles and be personally committed to the defense of Human Rights. By this way, they integrate the conditions of a sustainable justice.


The students come from many different countries all over the world; hence teams are mixed to facilitate and enhance intercultural exchanges.

We invite you to visit the MICC website at www.model-icc.org.



Vietnam and Friends got the chance to be one of the MICC’s partners and could live this experience from the first session in April 2011, in Poland.

After some interviews in some high-schools in Hanoi in order to select the best candidates for this simulation, the president Dang The Lam accompanied eight students in Poland.


Students come back to Vietnam with unforgettable memories, many new contacts and a new aspiration of defending Human Rights.

Other children will have the opportunity to live this experience too, during the next session of MICC, in April 2013.


Download the presentation document of MICC